Murder in the Dark is a game played at the parties.


One player is picked as a "murderer" randomly in PMs but can't tell anyone. The others are victims.

People randomly PM each other talking about who they think is the murderer.

(i.e. i think kent did it)

If the murderer gets a PM from someone, they can then kick them from the chat (and it won't be revealed who they are)

(i.e. ali valentine has been murdered!)

In the main chat users must always give an excuse after someone is killed as to why they didn't kill the victim.

(i.e. i was pming with kent when ali was killed)

And then everyone can cast a vote.

(i.e. i vote that nutter butter is the murderer)

Whoever gets the most votes must honestly say whether or not they're the murderer. If they aren't it repeats. If they are the game ends.

Amount of PlayersEdit

  • 6+