Mafia is a game played at the parties.


The host is randomly selected from the list of players. He then picks some users to be the mafia by PMing them. The others are villagers. The mafia and the villagers must be as close to even as possible. After that one user is picked to be the doctor. Neither the mafia nor the doctor can admit what role they have. Then the host declares it nighttime and everyone leaves chat except the doctor. The people who are in the mafia must rejoin after a few seconds. The doctor must then go into a PM with the host, but not neccasarily speak. The mafia decide which villager they should try to murder. Then the mafia must leave. The doctor is then PMed to return. He must pick one villager to save. Afterwards the host makes an announcement to bring all of the villagers back.

If the villager "saved" by the doctor is the same villager "killed" by the mafia, the villager does not die. However if he isn't, then he is killed and cannot participate. After speaking with other villagers, the villagers must PM the host who they think is in the mafia. Whoever gets the most votes is executed and cannot participate.

If the doctor is killed then it skips his step.

Once all of the villagers or all of the mafia are killed, the game ends.

Amount of PlayersEdit

  • 10+